Online Gambling: Eu Wants New Standards

In view of the fact that gambling regulation in Europe is taken enormously seriously, it should come as no surprise that, in addition to the regulatory authorities of the individual nations, intensive efforts are also being made at European level to monitor the market. For example, regular reports are prepared for this purpose, which are then forwarded to the various gaming authorities. In the future, this process is to be refined because the EU plans to establish new standards for online gaming in the European Union.

GSA is to support the working committee

With the working committee CEN/TC 456, the European Union, or more precisely the European Committee for Standardization, has set up a working group which deals specifically with the monitoring of online gaming providers. This working group primarily reads and transmits a large amount of data, which is then transmitted by the working group to various regulatory authorities throughout Europe. The background to the introduction of this body is the fact that fixed standards or data are to be determined, which will in future be transmitted to the regulatory authorities in so-called reports. The regulatory authorities can then decide whether or not to grant a licence to operate in their country on the basis of these reports. The regulatory authorities are not compelled to use the reports; instead, they merely serve as an indication.

As early as 2017, the working committee decided to cooperate with the Gaming Standards Association (GSA) and thus with another working group. The committee wants to benefit from the experience and expertise of the Association, which will be used to produce even more detailed reports in the future. In this context, Mark Pace was also appointed as one of the leading figures in the working committee , who is the managing director of the GSA. As the parties announced, the main focus is on technical solutions that will be presented by the Association.

Standard data set and various reports will be clarified

In detail, one of the aims is to define a standardised data set whose data must be transmitted by the gaming companies. The way in which the reports are transmitted will also be refined. In detail, the GSA will provide a Regulatory Data Set in which all usable data of the gaming companies will be collected. In addition, a Reporting Interface will be used as an interface to create reports at different intervals and even in real time. Pace explained that he wanted to do everything in his working group to ensure that a solid technical framework could be guaranteed. In detail, Pace said: “To be elected co-project leader of the Technical Committee is a great honor. I am deeply grateful for the votes of so many member states and I will work hard to deliver a solid technical solution that will benefit both regulators and online gambling providers.”

In addition, the President of the GSA, Peter DeRaedt, who also did not want to miss out on highlighting the GSA’s work, was enthusiastic. “Joining CEN Committee TC456 as a liaison organisation and now choosing GSA Europe’s Managing Director for his efforts is a recognition of GSA’s 20-year commitment to creating standards for the gaming industry. The GSA has been demonstrably successful in establishing global standards that are beneficial to both political and industrial entities”. The cryptographic currencies , which have become a real trend in the recent past, are probably one of the most important references for DeRaedt in this context.

Maltese Gaming Authority tests crypto-casinos

The GSA announced already in 2018 that it would set up its own committee to control the so-called blockchain technology. In addition, the Association has announced the cooperation with the company ReRock, which has made a name for itself as a risk assessment company for crypto currencies. All the data revealed in this cooperation could then be used by the regulatory authorities in the future.

The latter are also jumping onto the bandwagon around the crypto casinos, which is shown by the view to Malta, for example. Here the Maltese Lottery and Gaming Authority tests straight the crypto casinos in a ten-month test phase and plans to equip these in the future with licenses. During this test phase, players can deposit a maximum of 1,000 euros per month into their account via Crypto Wallet and then use this sum to play. Which crypto currencies are offered by the casinos is entirely up to them. Each provider can “apply” to the authorities with the respective payment method, which will then decide on the admissibility. The most important requirement is that the currency must not be controlled centrally and therefore no organization or bank may stand in the background. During the test phase, the companies also hardly have to observe any regulatory restrictions, as the authority does not want to put the brakes on the industry’s inventiveness and creativity. If the test phase turns out to be successful, it is possible that the first licenses will be granted to casinos in Malta before the end of this year. So far, playing with crypto currencies is only possible in casinos equipped with a Curacao licence from the responsible authorities.

Over sign stands for a great casino year

In general, from the point of view of the industry and from the point of view of the players, the signs stand well for a successful year 2019. Thus the new definition of the EU standards inevitably contributes to the fact that an even safer game environment can be offered, from which naturally also the players profit. In addition, players may also be curious with regard to the crypto casinos, which innovative possibilities are thereby still brought to light. A further point, which should move 2019 particularly into the focus, is the further development of the plays itself. By the end of 2018, numerous providers had already embarked on new paths and made it clear that skill features would also be incorporated into games in the future. These are known, for example, from first-person shooters and similar games and should raise the gaming experience to a whole new level in the future.