Decision On Gambling Advertising To Be Made In Leipzig

Is advertising for sports betting, casino games and poker illegal? The Administrative Court in Leipzig will deal with this on 28 April. The judgement could become trend-setting for a whole industry. In the negotiation at the end of of April it concerns a self-employed person, who had been forbidden already in the past year to make advertisement for gambling portals in the Internet. If it goes after the will of the national direction Saxonia, then news and articles with external left are already forbidden there. The free journalist already received a violent punishment at a value of altogether 5000 euro plus 1000 euro handling fee.

Two times had already been tried on the part of the national management to execute with the self-employed person. This could turn this off however again and again. Last the administrative court Chemnitz contactor assistance rendered. However, this does not prevent the state directorate from continuing to take action against the freelancer. The rule of law can hardly be spoken of at this point. Now the Leipziger court comes into play and one may be strained, which comes out thereby.

Germany offends against valid European Union right

Geschuldet is this the not applied gambling convention. In this regard the European Union accused the Federal Republic of Germany in the past already several times of offending against valid European Union right. This and the procedure of the regional management can be explained only by the fact that Lotteries in Germany are still controlled by the state and own interests are to be protected. Regardless of this, numerous football clubs in Saxony have concluded sponsoring agreements with many betting providers in the recent past. Recently RB Leipzig with Tipico.