Comdirect Bank Offers 5% P.A. Equity Bond On Porsche

Customers of comdirect Bank can now conclude a Protect reverse convertible via Commerzbank on Porsche AG. This reverse convertible is promoted by the fact that an interest yield of 5% p.a. is possible. Customers who already have a custody account with the bank, or new customers, have the chance to subscribe to the corresponding bond until 29 January 2018.

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What criteria does the reverse convertible bond on Porsche?

The reverse convertible bond is currently being advertised with a secure interest payment of 5% p.a.. The bond has a fixed term of 11 months. Irrespective of the development of the share price, investors always receive the interest payment of 5% p.a. credited. There is a barrier of 85% and the corresponding interest rate of over 5% which, in combination, contribute to the fact that the loss potential is significantly lower than if the share is directly acquired.

What risks arise with the reverse convertible bond on Porsche AG via Commerzbank?

Whoever decides on the corresponding bond of comdirect should of course inform himself well about the potential risks in advance. This means that the valuation date of 21.12.2018 must be kept in mind. The share is valued on this day. If the price touches the barrier or falls below it, the investors do not receive their capital but Porsche shares. It is possible that in extreme cases even a total loss of the investment is possible – e.g. if the company files for bankruptcy or the share no longer has any countervalue.

For the entire investment period it is possible that the share price is influenced by market influences. This means, for example, that the share price can change, or that the volatility of the interest rate level can change significantly and the value is negatively influenced. Investors in this bond bear the risk of the issuer and the redemption risk, which must also be taken into account.

How can I subscribe to the comdirect reverse convertible bond?

Whoever is interested in the Commerzbank reverse convertible bond Portect on Porsche via the comdirect Bank will find this value under the abbreviation WKN CV3BPU in the custody account of the comdirect Bank. The bond can be subscribed for at a fixed price starting at 1,000 euros until 29 January 2018.

What does comdirect Bank offer its investors?

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