Wildwood Casino: Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

The Wildwood Casino in Cripple Creek, Colorado enjoys a first-class reputation. Known as the highest located casino in the world, it has welcomed numerous players, some of whom have taken home record winnings. Currently, however, the casino is in the spotlight due to other things. For example, a former employee filed a lawsuit against Wildwood Casino and accuses her former employer of not protecting her sufficiently from sexual assault by a gaming guest. Additionally the woman claims that she was unfairly terminated at the end.

A questionable guest was no stranger in the casino

In the past years the Wildwood Casino row by row could write great headlines. At present however a somewhat unfavorable tendency lies over the play palace in the middle in the mountains of Colorado. The reason lies in a complaint, which was submitted to the casino by a former employee. This would like to remain anonymous, explains in the statement of claim however that it monatelang from a regular customer to have been annoyed is . Although the woman complained according to own statement several times with the superiors, she was not sufficiently protected.

In the bill of indictment it is spoken of the fact that the player, who is to be called with genuine name Laurence Earnhart, is a nickname as “Scarry Larry” (too German “creepy Larry”) among the employees to have compiled itself. Precisely because several times female employees are said to have been sexually harassed by him. According to the statement of claim, the situation got out of control one night in May 2017. “As a result of months of unwanted approaches and attacks” the guest is said to have grabbed the plaintiff’s legs. In addition, the man is said to have pressed his face into the cutout of another employee.

house ban only after arrest

As the plaintiff stated, several eyewitnesses were in the casino, but the management still would not have reacted. For this reason the woman went the next day even to the police. Laurence E was then arrested and charged , in 2018 he pleaded guilty. What provides for additional displeasure on the part of the plaintiff is the fact that the casino only banned the player from playing after the arrest . Thus the woman lawyer informed the plaintiff that this step had been correct, however much earlier would have had to take place.

However that is only a small side aspect. Far worse weighs in the eyes of the plaintiff the handling of the casino with her person after the arrest and the house ban of Laurence E. Thus this would have provided for bad Publicity, which again led to the fact that the management would have called retaliation measures into being. Beyond that it means, the plaintiff would have turned by the convocation of the police in this case against a patron of the casino.

Plaintiff was pushed out of the job

The woman describes in the indictment how the weeks and months that followed became an enormous stress test. Thus the woman would have felt “separated and isolated”. At the same time the management would have begun to increase its workload clearly and to question its achievements at the same time ever more strongly. Without reason, the woman had been reprimanded several times by the management , although she could not actually do anything for the respective mistakes. In addition, the ex-employee reports on permanent monitoring and the creation of logs in order to be able to check her work assignment precisely. The whole thing then went so far that the woman was “illegally dismissed” in July 2017.

Not without consequences. According to the US newspaper of the “Denver Post”, the woman has suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder since that time. For this reason, compensation is demanded, the amount of which, however, has not yet been determined . But experts in the US media consider it rather questionable whether it will really come to a charge and a trial. More likely it is therefore that the casino and the woman will strive for a settlement and an out-of-court settlement.

Not the first case of sexual harassment in US casinos

Even if it concerns in the case of the Wildwood casino the first headlines from the category of the sexual harassment, this topic is generally not new in the US casinos. However it is not always only the gambling guests, who can be moved here by multicolored lights and beautifully to be seen ladies into a questionable tendency. Only last year there was a big scandal at the Wynn Resorts, because several women accused the owner of having sexually harassed her or even raped her. In this context, more than 150 women raised their voices against Steve Wynn, the Group’s founder, and thus caused one of the biggest scandals in the history of the US gaming industry.

In the same year, Wynn resigned as Managing Director of Wynn Resorts, and the Group’s management also had to pay a total fine of 20 million US dollars for omission. Steve Wynn has not yet had to answer in court for the accusations made by former employees. Whether this will ever be the case is also questionable. Many cases are apparently already statute-barred, in other cases settlements and out-of-court settlements should bring clarity. Nevertheless, once again, a somewhat bland aftertaste remains. The casinos in the USA, for years the realized dream of many players from all over the world, have not necessarily improved their reputation in recent years. The competition is growing worldwide – and such scandals do not really ensure that the reputation can be raised to a higher level again. First of all, it remains to be seen what further developments in the case of Wildwood Casino will bring to light.